Halloween at Bran castle-coach holidays Transylvania

Number 1 coach holidays to Transylvania

The first coach holidays to Transylvania is the “Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler“.

The tour has 7 days it is half board.

This tour is included in a Top 10 Must-Do Adventure realized by Fodor Travel Guide.

The tour was awarded “2019 Tour of the Year” by Tourradar at Events category

This is a tour that includes 3 Halloween parties.

Halloween party at Bran Castle, aka Dracula Castle from Transylvania-this party takes place in a tent on castle’s property and is a club style atmosphere. There is a bar were alcoholic and soft drinks can be ordered.

Hallowen party in Sighisoara citadel, Dracula’s birthplace – this party dubbed the best Halloween party in Europe takes place in a dungeon situated in the middle of the historic citadel and include:
magicians shows,
Vampire hunting shows,
-the Ritual killing of a Living Dead performed according with old Transylvanian traditions (as was featured on Travel Channel)
-prizes for best Male and Female costumes
-contests like Howling at the Moon
There is an open bar and drinks are for free until midnight

Halloween party at Dracula Castle Hotel from Borgo Pass. This is a disco style party and include a 3 course meal. Drinks can be ordered at the waiters.

The itinerary of this coach holidays to Transylvania include the main landmarks related to Vlad the Impaler

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Number 2 coach holidays to Transylvania, Romania

Peles Castle - coach holidays to Transylvania

Vampire in Transylvania, 7 day half-board including Ritual Killing of a Living Dead as seen on Travel Channel.

The itinerary of this coach holidays to Transylvania include the main landmarks related to Vlad the Impaler and a masquerade party.

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Number 3 coach holidays to Transylvania

Halloween party  coach holidays to Transylvania

Halloween short break in Transylvania with 2 Halloween parties included, Cluj-Napoca departure.

Departing from Transylvania’s capital Cluj Napoca the tour include a Halloween party at Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle and a second Halloween Party in Sighisoara medieval citadel dubbed the best Halloween party from Transylvania.

Number 4 coach holidays to Transylvania

Halloween short break in Transylvania with 2 Halloween parties included, Bucharest departure.

Departing from Romania’s capital Bucharest the tour include a Halloween party at Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle and a second Halloween Party in Sighisoara medieval citadel dubbed the best Halloween party from Transylvania.

Number 5 coach holidays to Transylvania

Halloween short break in Transylvania with Halloween party at Bran Castle aka Dracula’s castle from Transylvania, including skip the line entrance to the castle night tour (there is a 3 hour line usually on Halloween), accommodation in walking distance from the castle and festive dinner with awards for the best costumes.
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Transylvania coach Holidays-dracula-weekend

Join the Awarded Tours – the best Transylvania coach Holidays and enjoy an unforgettable trip in the land of Dracula. Book our Transylvania Vampire tours, which take place between May and October every year.

Coach holidays to Transylvania on national television

Dracula tour, Halloween in Transylvania-the best Transylvania coach Holidays

Transylvania coach Holidays-halloween-party

The Halloween Tours also include the best Halloween parties. One of these parties takes place in the Sighisoara Citadel.

Accommodate in a 3* hotel with medieval allure, situated in the vicinity of the house where Vlad Tepes was born.

The party starts at 8 PM and lasts till morning. Enjoy a delicious festive dinner and have fun during the special program we prepared.

One of the main events is the Ritual of Killing the Living Dead, performed according to the old traditions. After a night of fun and dancing, get some well deserved rest.

Some of the Halloween Transylvania Holidays and Halloween breaks also include a second party.

Transylvania  Holidays Bran_castle

The Halloween Party at Dracula’s Castle takes place in the grounds of Bran Castle. This edifice became famous after Bram Stoker described it as the Count’s home in his novel. Thus, we can guarantee you will have a lot of fun!

You can choose between our three or seven days Tours, departing from Cluj-Napoca or Bucharest.

If your main interest lies in the parties, we have a great offer for you. Purchase tickets for the Halloween Party in Sighisoara only or book the 2 Days tour with Halloween Party at Bran.

Discover the legend of count Dracula! Visit his land and discover his story if you dare! We will drop off the survivors at their booked hotels or at the aiport.

 Types of coach holidays to Transylvania

Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler- the flagship Dracula Tour

Transylvania Holidays-Dracula tours

7 days, escorted tour, HB, from â‚¬ 1289 – Bucharest departure – code: RO7.BHADT 

The best between our Tours to Transylvania, this literary Dracula Tour  was included by Fodor’s Travel Guide in Top 10 Must-Do Adventure.
The tour includes the funniest Halloween Party in Sighisoara Citadel, Dracula’s birthplace. Happenings like The Ritual Killing of a Living Dead (as seen on Travel Channel), Vampiresa Hunting , sleeping in Dracula’s Castle in Borgo Pass.
Also included in our Transylvania coach holidays are visits to the most important historical places related with Vlad the Impaler, Bran Castle and Poenari Fortress. more»

Vampire in Transylvania -The Awarded Dracula Tour

Awarded Dracula Tours , Transylvania coach Holidays

7 days, HB from € 1159 – Bucharest departure
tour code: Ro4.4RoVa
Dracula Tour departing from Bucharest, intended to Dracula enthusiasts, culture and history fans, adventure seekers that want to enjoy one of the best Tours to Transylvania. 
The tour includes the most important historical places related with Vlad the Impaler such as: Snagov Monastery where, Vlad was buried after his assassination; Sighisoara – Dracula’s birth place, Dracula’s Castle in Borgo Pass, built according to Bram Stocker’s imagination and the legendary Bran Castle

Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler 3 days Short Break from Cluj

  from â‚¬ 569
Cluj Napoca, Transylvania, departure (tour code TR 4.3RoHa)

Transylvania  holidays-Bran-castle

Enjoy the best Halloween Party in Sighisoara Citadel – Dracula’s birth place! A 3 day short break including a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sighisoara Medieval Citadel, Vlad the Impaler’s birthplace. Visit Transylvania’s iconic image, Bran Castle and the Medieval city of Brasov a quick way to enjoy one of the best tour from our list of Tours to Transylvania.
The Halloween Party includes a delicious traditional Romanian festive dinner washed down with fiery spirits and wines. Participate to a special programme including the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, magicians Show and many dark surprises.
more »

Halloween in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler 3 days Short Break from Bucharest

from â‚¬ 599 
Bucharest, departure (tour code Bu4 .3RoHa)

Transylvania holidays on Halloween

It’s time for the ultimate Halloween Party, in Sighisoara Citadel – Dracula’s birth place! A short break that include a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sighisoara Medieval Citadel, Vlad the Impaler’s birthplace, Transylvania’s iconic image, Bran Castle. And the medieval Saxon city of Brasov.
The Halloween Party includes a delicious traditional Romanian festive dinner washed down with fiery spirits and excellent Romanian wine. A special programme including the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, Vampiresa Hunting, Magicians Show and many dark surprises.  All these in our Transylvania Holidays.
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Vampire in Transylvania – 3 days escorted short breaks in Transylvania

HB from € 569- Transylvania,
Cluj-Napoca departure ( code: TR 4.3RoSh)


Intended for those willing to discover the best parts of Transylvania’s legendary scenery in a shorter period time, the 3 day break includes UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Sighisoara and Biertan, unique events which caught the attention of media worldwide such as the live re enactment of the Ritual of Killing of the Living Dead, and a meeting with one of Romania’s unique artists, the only one who uses spider web for his paintings. The entertaining programme is complemented by the relaxing 4* accommodation, a medieval fantasy with beds and the mouth-watering vampire dinner!
We bet our 9 lives you’ll love it. 

Transylvania’s Undying legend

Snagov island - Transylvania holidays

5 day Private Dracula Tour from â‚¬ 1299 
Bucharest departure (tour code: Ro4.3RoVa)

A private Dracula Tour in Transylvania departing from Bucharest. The tour includes the most important places related with Dracula’s life and death.
Visit  Vlad Dracula’s birth place in the medieval citadel of Sighisoara. Then the real Dracula Castle from Poienari– Dracula’s refugee place, Arefu village. Pay a visit to Dracula’s tomb in Snagov Monastery
Also included Bran Castle Dracula’s iconic image. 
Bran castle Halloween Party it is a must if you come during Halloween. Enjoy a mysterious trip in Dracula’s Realm, a private tour from our large selection of Transylvania Holidays!
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Best of Romania, 4 special dinners, a show and stay in a castle style hotel

Best of Romania tour

7 days, small group tours from €1,181
Bucharest departure

Discover Romania on this amazing itinerary and enjoy 4 special dinners. Traditional dinners and a Vampire menu in a Dracula themed restaurant to understand that sometimes it worth killing for a meal

more about best of Romania tour

Dracula weekend in Transylvania

3 day private tour HB from € 559
Bucharest departure (code: TR 4.3RoBu)

Intended for those who would like to enjoy a weekend getaway, this private escorted break is also an ideal after business programme. You only need a weekend to discover the very essence of Transylvania: the legendary Bran Castleand  Sighisoara CitadelDracula’s birth place. You will also visit the outstanding medieval city of Brasov. The trip is ideal for those who can take a one of the  low cost flights available from London to Bucharest, every Friday. 
more »

Halloween Party in Transylvania with Vlad the Impaler!

transylvania holidays dracula's castle romania halloween party

a party and 2 transfers from Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu or Cluj Napoca 

Enjoy the best Halloween ever in Dracula’s birth place â€“ the Medieval Citadel of Sighisoara!
This is a 2 day self guided break departing from the Romanian airport of your choice, be it Bucharest, Sibiu or Cluj Napoca.
You can decide for yourself the type of accommodation in the citadel, from hostel style dormitories to an exquisite 5* intimate medieval hotel.
The main highlight is the Halloween Party including a delicious traditional 3 course dinner with open bar and an excellent magicians shows plus the Ritual Killing of a Living Dead (as seen on Travel Channel)
These  Transylvania Holidays will provide you with a truly memorable experience.
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2 Days tour with Bran Castle Halloween Party and transfers

2 days Short break, HB, € 349 – Bucharest departure (tour code TRB.2RoHa)

If you are searching for Dracula’s castle Romania Halloween Party you are in the right place. Enjoy one of the most exciting Halloween weekend breaks in Transylvania! This short break include a Dracula’s castle Romania Halloween party. Enjoy a traditional Romanian 3 course meal and 3 star accommodation near the Castle after this Transylvania Halloween party.

1 Day Halloween in Transylvania with Dracula’s castle Romania Halloween party in Bran

1 night accommodation near Bran Castle and Halloween Party at Dracula’s Castle, starting from € 249 – TRB.1RoHa

dracula's castle transylvania tours-Halloween Short Break, Transylvania Holidays

Enjoy a traditional Transylvanian 3 course dinner and then explore Bran Castle Halloween night tour, Transylvania’s symbol. Experience the edifice’s unique charm and immerse yourselves in the myth Bram Stoker created around Dracula.
Have an unforgettable night tour of Dracula’s Castle with skip the 3 hours line.
Meet the Wicked Fairies and get lost in their euphoric dance along with a glass of local red wine. Feel amazing being part of a great and dynamic Bran Castle Halloween Party in the grounds of the castle until 4:00 am.
Accommodate in a 3* hotel near Bran Castle (in walking distance).
more Â»

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Advice for Irish tourists traveling to Romania

If you’re travelling to Romania, the Irish Departent of Foreign Affairs and Trade has the following travel advice practical tips and useful information.

Get travel and medical insurance

Before travelling, the Department strongly recommends that you obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), available by contacting the Health Service Executive, and that you also obtain comprehensive travel insurance which will cover all overseas medical costs, including medical repatriation/evacuation, repatriation of remains and legal costs. You should check any exclusions and, in particular, that your policy covers you for the activities you want to undertake.

Security status

Romania remains a safe country to visit. There are internal political tensions and visitors are advised to avoid large crowds and political demonstrations. We advise that all normal precautions be taken.


Romanians are friendly and welcoming people many of whom will happily converse in English

The majority of visits to Romania are trouble-free.  Serious crimes involving tourists are not particularly common and most of those that do arise are petty and do not involve violence. There is no known threat of terrorism. Nevertheless, visitors to Romania are advised to take normal personal and security precautions, particularly at night.

Irish nationals do not require visas for visits to Romania.

The official currency in Romania is the RON, often called Lei. Obtaining RON prior to travel can be difficult. However, on arrival cash can be withdrawn from ATMs.

Irish visitors to Romania are encouraged to register with the Irish Embassy in Bucharest.

Emergency assistance

The best help is often close at hand so if you have problems, try talking to your local contacts, tour operator representative or hotel management.

You can contact the emergency services in Romania by dialling 112.

Our tips for Safe Travels:

  • Purchase comprehensive travel insurance which covers all your intended activities.
  • Get a European Health Insurance Card
  • Add an alert for your destination within the Travelwise App.
  • Register your details with us so that we can contact you quickly if there’s an unforeseen crisis like a natural disaster or a family emergency.

Safety and security


There have been some reports of credit and debit cards being scanned or stolen and used illegally, as happens elsewhere.  Use of ATMs is generally safe but some precautions should be employed, such as only using those in department stores or hotel or airport lobbies.

As would be expected in large urban locations, there are occasional reports of pickpockets and bag snatchers operating in crowded areas. Confidence scams leading to theft of passports or wallets have also been known to arise where thieves claiming to be police approach visitors and ask for ID.  The Romanian police do not generally ask people for documentation without good cause and in the event of any reason for suspicion visitors should offer to go the nearest police station.

Ideally, where they are not expected to be needed, valuables and other items such as spare jewellery, passports, driving licences, credit/debit cards and excess cash should be secured in a hotel safe.


While the water supply in Romania is not known to be contaminated, use of bottled or filtered water is recommended as a safer option.

Wild Animals

Although a decreasing problem, Romania has a significant population of stray dogs.  While these do not usually pose a danger it is strongly recommended to avoid contact with them as they can be agressive and some could be rabid.

The Carpathian Mountains of Romania are famous for their wilderness and beauty but are also home to large populations of bears and wolves.  While they try to avoid humans, it is recommended when visiting remote areas to travel in groups and to take expert advice locally.

Local laws and customs

Visitors are required to carry photo ID in Romania; a photocopy of passport or driver’s licence should suffice for this purpose.

Inappropriate or insensitive behaviour or activity in public is likely to offend others and risks prosecution or even a violent reaction.



Bucharest has a good Metro system.  It and other towns and cities are serviced by buses, trams and taxis which are very good value by western European standards.  Romania also has a good network of inter-city trains.  Motorways are not extensive.


Some Romanians drive erratically and at excessive speeds and vehicles are not always fully roadworthy.  Serious road traffic accidents regularly occur.  Visitors entering Romania by road or driving there should ensure that they have adequate insurance cover.  Insurance companies or brokers should be consulted in advance about this, if necessary.  Drivers in Romania must also be in possession of a driving license and car ownership documentation.

All vehicles must pay a general road toll.  This “Roviniete” ticket can be purchased at border points and at most petrol stations throughout Romania, and should be prominently displayed on the vehicle windscreen.

The traffic police are known to apply on-the-spot penalties for infringements of traffic regulations, including the retention of driving licences for up to three months in very serious cases.

In winter, drivers should ensure that vehicles are prepared for extreme weather conditions, including fitting mandatory winter tyres.

Roads, including primary roads, can be of poor standard, badly lit, pot-holed and with barely visible markings.  Appropriate precautions should be taken, especially at night.

There is zero tolerance for drink-driving and permitted blood/alcohol ratios are below those in Ireland.

In Romania, taxis are relatively inexpensive.  In general it is recommended that taxis are booked using one of the various methods available, rather than hailed on the street.  This is especially the case where vehicles do not have a meter or display fares.  Some visitors have reported incidents of overcharging, especially from airports and major train stations – some taxi drivers will offer a fixed price to the city centre which may appear reasonable but could be significantly in excess of the normal fares in Romania.  Visitors arriving at the airport are advised to decline any taxi offers in the arrivals area but instead to avail of one of the simple-to-use automated taxi ordering services in the arrivals hall.


Travel Insurance

We can’t pay for emergency medical repatriation, repatriation of remains, or for expenses as a result of a personal emergency while you are abroad. If you buy an appropriate travel insurance policy, these costs will be covered, provided you haven’t broken the terms and conditions.

Buying comprehensive travel insurance can save you and your family a lot of money if something goes wrong. It will also ensure that you get the medical attention you need, when you need it. Hospital bills can quickly run into thousands of euro, and a medical evacuation back to Ireland can cost thousands more.

Not all policies are the same, and the cheapest one might be cheap for a reason. Make sure your policy covers all the activities you plan to do on your trip. Insurance Ireland recommend that you purchase a policy that provides a minimum medical cover of €1 million.

Emergency expenses

Your policy should cover:

  • All medical care abroad, including evacuation by air ambulance, or other emergency procedures, and any other costs associated with an unexpected longer stay.
  • Your entire trip, from departure to return. Consider an annual multi-trip policy if you’re making more than one trip in the year.
  • 24-hour emergency service and assistance.
  • Personal liability cover (in case you’re sued for causing injury or damaging property).
  • Lost and stolen possessions.
  • Cancellation and curtailment.
  • Any extra activities you intend to do that are excluded from standard policies (e.g. water sport activities such as jet skiing or other extreme sports).

Exclusions: You should know most insurance policies will not cover drink or drug-related incidents.

European Health Insurance Card 

As an Irish resident you are entitled to get healthcare through the public system in countries of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland if you become ill or injured while on a temporary stay there. Ensure that you get or renew your EHIC (the new name for the E111) before you go, and remember, you need one for every person travelling in your group.

The EHIC is not a substitute for proper travel insurance provided by a reputable insurer. It doesn’t cover medical repatriation, ongoing medical treatment or treatment of a non-urgent nature. Also, some private hospitals may not accept the EHIC, so you should check with the hospital administrator beforehand.

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In case of a genuine consular emergency while the Embassy is closed, please leave a message with name, location and telephone number at
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